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Damien Sandow يظهر بحقيبه جديدة


Tonight on WWE SmackDown Damien Sandow will reveal a brand new Money In The Bank briefcase which is a replacement for the case which former tag partner Cody Rhodes destroyed by chucking in it into the Gulf of Mexico last week.

The photo below is from an already broadcast SmackDown internationally. 

الكل يعرف ان كودي رود قام بالقاء شنطه مني ان ذا بانك  بخليج المكسيك واتلفها . مما اغظب ساندوس واختر حقيبة خاصة به . ظهر ذالك بعرض سماك داون الاخير .




رحيل المصارع Dutch Savage


في هذا اليوم رحل المصارع داتش سيفاج بسبب سكته دماغيه .

On April 13, 2013, it was reported that Savage had suffered a stroke on April 10, which left him with paralysis on his left side and other complications According to his daughter, Mitzi Stewart Graham, Dutch Savage died August 3, 2013.